• $1,500.00

Please choose the spaces to Reserve and Pay on-line for Trackside Garages.

Spaces are 23'Wx42'D. There are 3 Trackside Garages within each set of walls. The center bay is separated with columns from the North and South Bay of each set. 

The North Bays are $1,500 each, the Center Bays are $1,000 each, and the South Bays are $750 each.

No product can be outside the garage without the purchase of additional space.

***Additional Space outside the garage is available for $150.00 for a 23'Wx 12'D area.  

They have lights and electricity. The overhead door toward the East Plaza is 12’ wide, the overhead door on the West Track side is 20’ wide, both are 8’8’’ tall. There is a standard walk through door on the East Plaza side. These are locked at night and unlocked, but not opened, in the morning prior to vendor arrival

Each Garage Space include 4 complimentary weekend passes, up to a limit of  5 complimentary weekend passes for each vendor that reserves any additional space. 

Additional tickets can be purchased on-line.  Day passes are $25 each, Weekend passes are $60 each.