GoldMine: For Sale by Owner

GoldMine: For Sale by Owner

  • $100.00

Reserve a Space in the GoldMine Garages (Corvettes for Sale by Owners) to sell YOUR Corvette. There are ONLY 30 AVAILABLE.  The Garages will be filled in the order the reservation is made.

The cost of the GoldMine Space is for the time it takes to sell your Corvette. Once the Corvette is sold, the garage reverts back to Bloomington Gold to provide a space for Wait List reservations.

If you sell your Corvette prior to the show, please contact the office at 309-888-4477 for a refund.

Admission tickets are sold separately. Driver and Passenger must have an admission ticket to enter the show.

Trailer Parking is also AVAILABLE in the Shopping Cart.  Trailers must have credentials for Trailer Parking inside the Speedway.  The cost is $75.00.